Monthly Archives: October 2015


Yoga for Focus

The benefits of yoga are vast. One benefit that is particularly intriguing about the practice is its ability to help people focus. Consider a recent article for WBAY 2 titled “Packers’ tackle B.J. Raji Finds Focus in Yoga.” Kaitlin Sharkey of WBAY 2 writes, “Green Bay Packers tackle B.J. Raji has turned to alternative training […]


Yoga for Arthritis Relief

While many people use yoga to help strengthen and lengthen their bodies, it is also equally helpful as a healing practice. People suffering from arthritis are just one example of a group who could specifically benefit from yoga. Consider a recent article for Healthline titled “Yoga Has Many Benefits — Even for Those with Rheumatoid […]


Purdue Basketball Team Embraces Yoga

Yoga offers numerous benefits for the body. Increasing numbers of sports teams are becoming aware of this fact and incorporating yoga practice into their training. Consider a recent article for the Indy Star titled “Purdue basketball players aid bodies, minds with yoga.” Nathain Baird of the Indy Star writes, “The senior guard — considered a […]