The Abundance of Summer

Summer is almost here and on the solstice, the sun appears to “pause” in the sky when it reaches its northernmost point on June 21st. Throughout time, this day has been marked as the longest span of daylight and is celebrated in many cultures. This is a great time to take advantage of the beautiful […]


Book Review by Richard Rosen

THE ROOTS OF YOGA | Reviewed by Richard Rosen Translated and edited by James Mallinson and Mark Singleton (Penguin Classics, 2017), 590 pages. It’s quite appropriate that this book is published by “Penguin Classics,” because that’s exactly what it’s destined to become, a classic, essential reading for serious students of whatever school or stripe. The […]


Traveling to True Potential Creative

Traveling to True Potential Creative The True Creative…is actually a “journey.” When people inquire, ‘so how long does it take to create a painting?’ I feel they are doing so with time in mind — as in how long does it take to fly from Laguna Beach to Brussels? Perhaps they imagine clocking up hours […]


What Moves Me

I am moved by extraordinary displays of compassion. Some recent examples from this weekend: six hundred-fifty pilot whales lost their way and lay stranded on the beaches of New Zealand. Hundreds of people rushed to help. Some were rescue volunteers trained to work with sea creatures, but most were ordinary people who heard of […]


Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy doesn’t have to stop your yoga practice. In fact, yoga can be great for you and your child. Consider a recent article for the Huffington Post titled “Pregnancy Yoga Dos and Don’ts.” Jessica Pallay of the Huffington Post writes, “Whether you’ve got a serious yoga habit, or just picked it up once baby was […]


Improving Your Bone Health with Yoga

Among yoga’s many benefits is the improvement of bone health. The New York Times explores this in a recent article titled “12 Minutes of Yoga for Bone Health.” Jane E. Brody of the New York Times writes, “No one knows these challenges better than Dr. Loren M. Fishman, a physiatrist at Columbia University who specializes […]


Side Bends, Core Strength, and Helping Athletes Bounce Back

Many athletes are embracing yoga as a way to prevent injury. The practice improves flexibility and strengthens muscles that might not get enough work in certain athletes’ respective sports. The Orion explores this in a recent article titled “Men’s basketball team incorporates yoga into practices.” According to the author of the article, quoting one of […]


Improving Digestion with Your Yoga Practice

Your yoga practice can have many benefits, including improving your digestion. One pose that is particularly helpful in this endeavor is the extended side angle pose. Doing this as part of your morning routine can be incredibly beneficial to your yoga practice. Consider a recent article for titled “8 yoga poses to improve digestion.” […]


Broga and Yoga in Breweries

The growing popularity of yoga can be seen in all of the unconventional places the practice is popping up. Consider a recent article for the Washington Times titled “Yoga classes for men, called ‘Broga,’ catching on.” According to the author of the article, “Most of the other men only had marginal experience with yoga too, […]


Yoga for Focus

The benefits of yoga are vast. One benefit that is particularly intriguing about the practice is its ability to help people focus. Consider a recent article for WBAY 2 titled “Packers’ tackle B.J. Raji Finds Focus in Yoga.” Kaitlin Sharkey of WBAY 2 writes, “Green Bay Packers tackle B.J. Raji has turned to alternative training […]


Yoga for Arthritis Relief

While many people use yoga to help strengthen and lengthen their bodies, it is also equally helpful as a healing practice. People suffering from arthritis are just one example of a group who could specifically benefit from yoga. Consider a recent article for Healthline titled “Yoga Has Many Benefits — Even for Those with Rheumatoid […]


Purdue Basketball Team Embraces Yoga

Yoga offers numerous benefits for the body. Increasing numbers of sports teams are becoming aware of this fact and incorporating yoga practice into their training. Consider a recent article for the Indy Star titled “Purdue basketball players aid bodies, minds with yoga.” Nathain Baird of the Indy Star writes, “The senior guard — considered a […]