BORN: Chicago
OCCUPATION: Melody Maker


Born in Chicago. Raised in Atlanta. Live in Los Angeles. I heard music, melodies and stories in my head as a child. They never went away and I hope they never do. After experimenting with drums, piano and other instruments in my teens I began my love/hate affair with the guitar.

So, there it is: I am a soul singer who plays guitar. And sometimes: I am a guitarist who sings soulfully. Drawn to the blues after hearing songs by Son House, Robert Johnson and others and growing up at a time when Prince, Parliament/Funkadelic, Stevie Wonder and other musicians were stretching the boundaries of popular music I began to understand that music could not and should not be limited by our often narrow views of what it should be.

Co-founded a band called Follow For Now in 1988 in the hopes of creating a sound that combined all the influences that had been shaping my musical vision: Bad Brains meets Stevie Wonder and Public Enemy in Memphis. Signed to Chrysalis in 1990 and released “Follow For Now.” Signed to Brendan O’brien’s Columbia imprint in 1997, released a self-titled record and began to spread my wings as an artist, writer and producer. Signed to Elektra in 2000, with a band called Brand New Immortals and released Tragic Show. Label folded. Band followed suit. Self released “The Bittersweet” in 2007. Since then I have had the pleasure of writing with, playing with and/or producing artists from Dave Matthews, Cassandra Wilson, Derek Trucks, Santana, Marc Broussard, Guy Sebastian and John Mayer.

This is still the beginning.