Safe Studio Standards + Protocols

At You and The Mat, your health and safety is and has always been our #1 Priority. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and believe in transparency allowing our members to make educated decisions about how to practice safely. As such, we have consulted with Human Resources experts to create our Safe Studio Standards and our internal COVID-19 Exposure Protocol in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).




Below are the standards to be followed by all visitors in our studio:


Reserve your spot

  • Class sizes will be limited to allow for safe practice and proper social distancing
  • Drop-ins will not be allowed


Sanitize your hands prior to entering studio


Bring your own mat, props, water, face mask, and limit all other belongings

  • *Face Masks – will be required during check-in and in the studio reception area and are highly recommended (but not required) during practice unless practicing during a Mask Required class
  • We will temporarily close our cubbies, prop rooms, and mat storage
  • Place all of your personal belongings behind the bottom of your mat


Social Distancing

  • All will be expected to maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet at all times
  • Use our mat markers, centered at the top of the mat and follow our arrows


Contactless Check-ins

  • Temperature checks will be taken for everyone during health checks upon entry
  • We have installed Touch-free, smart payment terminals for all purchases


Breathe Easy

  • We’ve invested in and installed FDA Approved Molekule Air Purifiers with PECO technology proven to destroy SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 virus


Stringent Sanitization

  • All studio surfaces will be consistently cleaned with hospital grade EPA approved disinfectants using Electrostatic sprayers and UV light sanitizers
  • Sanitation stations can be found throughout the studio


Our Team Will

  • Undergo daily temperature and health checks
  • Wear face masks at all times except for when teaching non-mask required classes
  • Keep a social distance at all times
  • Provide only verbal assists
  • Teach only from their mats


Practice at home with us via our Live Stream Classes or using our On Demand Library if:

  • You’re more comfortable this way
  • You’re not feeling well or are showing any signs of illness
  • You believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 or any other contagious illnesses


COVID-19 Exposure Protocol 

Below is the response roadmap that we will follow when a team member who has, or is suspected to have contracted COVID-19:


1.    When an employee experiences a fever or any respiratory symptoms, we will ask that employee to isolate at home.  The employee will not be permitted to return to work until:

  • (a) at least 72 hours have passed since the individual has had a fever without the use of fever-reducing medicine;
  • (b) the individual’s respiratory symptoms have improved; and 
  • (c) at least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

If the employee has been tested for COVID-19, the employee may return to work after the employee’s fever has resolved without the use of fever-reducing medications, has had his/her respiratory symptoms improve, and had at least two consecutive negative COVID-19 tests taken at least 24 hours apart or a Doctor’s note clearing that the employee may return to work.


2.    We will interview the sick employee to create a list of all individuals (co-workers, students, vendors, etc.) with which the employee came in “close contact.”  “Close contact” is defined by CDC as anyone the employee was within six feet of, for 15 or more minutes, during the 48 hours before the employee’s symptoms began.


3.    We will review the cases/shifts worked by the employee during the infectious period and to identify employees or others who may have been in close contact with the sick employee during that time period.


4.    Without disclosing the identity of the sick employee, we will notify all individuals identified in #2 and #3 above to disclose that they may have been exposed to COVID-19 and that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that they:

  • (a) stay at home until 14 days has passed from the last exposure and maintain social distance from others during that time;
  • (b) self-monitor for symptoms; and
  • (c) check temperature two times per day.


5.    We will deploy our commercial deep-cleaning crew immediately clean and disinfect the entire studio following CDC cleaning and disinfection recommendations.  We will close the area until thorough deep cleaning, and disinfecting can be completed.

*As we learn more about how to keep you safe, we will continue to update our standard and protocols. Thank you for continuously protecting yourself and our community.